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Download Approved Aadhaar Card Enrollment Centers In Kolkata

The Applicants can visit the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre in Kolkata, West Bengal, nearby to get their details in Aadhaar such as name, date of birth, gender, address, etc. updated. It is not necessary that the Applicant should have a residential address of Kolkata or even West Bengal. All residents are invited to visit the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre in Kolkata as set out in this updated list to either enrol for Aadhaar or get the details updated in the Aadhaar card.

Download PDF of Aadhaar Card Centers In Assam

Aadhaar card registration in Assam

The Government of Assam has issued the latest list of verified aadhhaar card centers in various cities of Assam such as Sidli, Chirang, Bijni, Amteka Cluster, Borobazar, Dhaligaon, Basugaon etc.

People of Assam can apply for Aadhaar card by visiting any of the Aadhaar card centres in Assam set up by the UIDAI. Residents can visit an authorised Aadhaar enrolment agency in Assam to carry forward the process of registration. One can also opt for online pre-registration to enrol his/her name for Aadhaar card.

Download PDF: Aadhaar Card Enrolment Centers in Silchar, Cachar, Assam

The official website of Cachar has made available the latest list of the Bank and Post Office Aadhaar Card Enrolment Centres in Silchar, Cachar, Assam

Download Pdf Of Aadhaar Card Centers In Mumbai (Updated August 2019)

A large number of aadhaar card centers have been set up in the city of Mumbai for Aadhaar registration and related services. A list of the Mumbai centers is available and can also be downloaded in pdf

Aadhaar Enrolment Centres – IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank has made available the latest list of Aadhaar Enrolment Centres at its branches across India. There are 163 branches spread out across the Country

Charges For Aadhaar Services

The pdf document issued by IndusInd Bank specifies the charges for Aadhaar services such as new enrollment, mandatory bio-metric update of children, other bio-metric update, demographic update (Name, Address, DoB, Mobile, Gender, Email, Language) etc.

South Indian Bank (SIB) Aadhaar Enrollment Centers (Latest & Updated)

Aadhaar Enrollment Centers across India maintained by South Indian Bank

Axis Bank Aadhaar Enrollment Centers (Latest & Updated)

Complete and latest list of Aadhaar Enrollment Centers maintained at Axis Bank

Residents who wish to apply / update details in Aadhaar can visit Aadhaar Enrolment Centers at designated Axis Bank branches.

Note: Please carry your original ID & address proof while visiting our branch




Service Offerings: Locate Enrollment Center

Description: Locate nearby Aadhaar enrollment centre of your convenience

UIDAI was created with the objective to issue Unique Identification numbers (UID), named as “Aadhaar”, to all residents of India that is (a) robust enough to eliminate duplicate and fake identities, and (b) can be verified and authenticated in an easy, cost-effective way.